3 Best Grey Colored Contact Lenses for This Spring-SPSeye

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3 Best Natural Grey Colored Contact Lenses for This Spring-SPSeye

  3 grey color contacts:SPSeye Radial Light Green Grey colored contacts, SPSeye Radial Light Grey Contacts, and SPSeye Juno Grey Color Contacts. Light green grey color contacts is one of the most shining and natural green color contacts, it has the natural green and grey 2 colors mixed together, but that does not influence its pure texture, thus it can show very natural and shining green grey or light blue grey color on any most of colors eyes! 

  Radial Light Grey color contacts has the most closest to clear color shades, but it is not clear on most of colors eyes, it will show clear only if the eyes color is very light.

And this contacts is one of our most popular and stunning pure grey color contacts. It is liked and recommended by most of our bloggers and customers for its unique pure shades and txture. It is similar to TTDeye HD grey lenses and TTDeye Polar Lights grey contacts! 

And the third popular grey contacts is our Juno Grey color lenses. It is very different from the light grey and light green grey contacts for its unique black circle edge ring on the lens surface. But it also has very pure and medium or fair grey color shades! The black ring and pure shades make it looking like a pure grey bubble! Thus it will give very elegant and natural style to the eyes! 


All of these 3 grey color contacts  are from our natural grey colored contact lenses. And they are all the popular color contacts on spseye.com! 

















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