How to Avoid Buying Colored Contacts that will show fake colors on your eyes?

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For many colored contact lenses lovers, they might come across the same problem that the color contacts look very fake on their eyes after you got the ordered contacts from online lenses shop.

How to predict that then to avoid this problem? This is not difficult but very complicated.

Look at the under eye details pictures from @SPSeye (ig) with colored contact lenses, you'll find if you pay attention to the methods and ideas of choosing and purchasing the colored contacts, you can avoid the problem.

In this picture, the venus grey colored contact lenses  look so natural on the eyes, for the color of the lenses is very natural and light grey with some little sparkles, thus it just cover the pupil color very well, and the sparkles bring very shining shades to the eyes. Here I think it is very important to choose the natural and not too vibrant color contacts if you just want your eyes color not to look fake. If you want grey color contacts, then just choose natural grey; or if you want your eyes look enlarged or vibrant, please choose vibrant grey color contacts. 

Look at the the above picture, you will find the this rainbow contact lenses from spseye is not very natural on the eyes, even it cover the eyes pupil very well, for its rainbow color is too bright on the eyes. And the rainbow color contact also has the effect of enlarging the eyes. But it did not make the eyes look fake. Therefore, if you know this effect and know the effective color look after the eyes wearing the lenses, you'll have more clear sense. But if you do not want to let your eyes show bright color look, this one will not be in your cart. 

In one word, in case of buying the colored lenses that may let your eye color look fake, you need to know what color you want your eyes to show, and then you need to know the before and after color looks of the colored contacts before you buy. To know the before and after contrast of wearing contact lenses, you need to find the pictures of their models on the online shop website, on their social media official pages, or on their models pages. 


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