Beautiful Color Contacts for This Beautiful Spring!

Posted by han yang on

New Spring has already come, I have prepared some contacts for this beautiful spring!

SPSeye New Arrvial colors contact lenses for Spring March come out already!

4 series for optional: Twilight Series, Ananas Series, Ice Dew Series, and Velvet Series.

Twilight series have 4 colors brown, grey,blue and green colored contacts, each of them is very light and pure in color pigment. They are the most natural colored contact lenses.

Brown lenses look like the twilight most, and the grey one looks like the fog or smoke in spring or autumn. The green one looks like the river water in spring, and blue one looks like the early morning sky.

Ananas series have 5 colors brown, grey, purple, green and blue color contact lenses, they have the most special and shining texture lines pattern; ananas purple is one of the most popular and sweet color lenses ;they have the pineapple lines texture and very elegant and light(not dark) colors, thus they will show noble and stunning look on any kinds of colors eyes!

And the other 2 series have very sweet and shallow and natural colors, they are both belong to Candy collection lenses.

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