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Original Blog by @iamnicolefaller

 We SPSeye really thanks this lovely blogger Nicole Faller! She made a very comprehensive reivew about the lenses she received from SPSeye!

The 2 colors she revceived are SPSeye Vesta Brown and SPSeye Mousse Grey Color Contacts.

The vesta brown contacts cover her dark brown eyes very well. And its unique lines pattern on the lenses surface make her eyes bigger and brighter. 

This brown contacts will not enlarge the eyes too much, for it is relatively small size colored contacts. And its colors pigments have 2 layers, one is in the inner part with light brown( this is the same color pigment among all the 4 colors Vesta series contacts), the another one is the outcircle part that makes its unique color look different from other series.

Mousse Series have very similar color pigments layer with the Vesta Series, but the combination of colors are very different from each other.

The mousse colors also have 2 pigment layers. The inner layer is also light brown color, but its lines pattern is spiral along the pupil part. Thus sometimes this contacts make the eyes look not so natural if the original eye color is very light. 

Look at her eyes with the mousse grey contacts, this grey color looks very natural but not light, just brighter her dakr eyes and cover her brown pupil part very well.


So even this grey contacts if not from natural collection (actually from candy collection), it is also a good choice if you want to try natural but not normal grey contacts.






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