Deep black and cool white

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Flat and wide black eyes are always so charming, embedded coloring process-to prevent pigment from adhering to the cornea. Smooth edge design-comfortable feel The smooth edge is designed for real pupils. Natural and comfortable, no foreign body sensation. The eye contacts black has a very attractive charm, wearing it can keep your eyes moist all day long. Effectively isolate the ultraviolet rays that cause cataracts and other eye diseases.

Although black is charming, white things are like angels, so white cosmetic contact lenses can also make you as pure as angels. The colored contacts white belongs to a kind of mesh white. Wearing this cosmetic contact lenses will make you almost look Nothing, but its appearance is very cool, so it is perfect to use it in this happiest season.

Embedded coloring process-prevent the pigment from adhering to the cornea, this light blue contact lenses.It has an ordinary appearance, but not just that ordinary. The center of the lens has a transitional color, and the smooth edge is specially designed for the pupil. Wearing it can make you more comfortable.

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