Deep eyes are suitable for Black Contact Lenses

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Plain and wide cosmetic contact lenses, that is, black contact lenses, although they show an extreme blackness, the embedded coloring process prevents the pigment from adhering to the cornea. The pigment will not directly contact the cornea. Please feel free to use it. The smooth convex design not only protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays, but also allows your eyes to feel real comfort.

 Even with rainbow colors, it can protect your eyes well. Rainbow colored eye contacts have been improved for 16 times. Spseyes' colorful iris contacts are very natural and beautiful. The water content is 38%-45%, which makes your eyes comfortable and comfortable. The charm of color is infinite, and it does not belong to any pupil color, but it has all pupil colors at the same time, and the touch is also very good, like pearl tears.

In short, pure black contact lenses have its deep and dark feeling, but the color also has its own characteristics. The only difference is that the extreme black is only suitable for Halloween and Christmas, not for your family and friends. The same surprise.


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