Different styles of blue pupils

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The flat and wide ambassadors have enlarged eyes. This is the characteristic of colored contacts black. It is strongly recommended to use it in Halloween. This is a deep black. The bottomless darkness is reflected in this black cosmetic contact lens. And this kind of cosmetic contact lenses can protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

SPSeye Doji星星蓝色彩色隐形眼镜
Doji blue contact lenses have the cutest pattern and the most shining color. The star contact lenses are always so charming and distinctive, and this blue is also the kind of gradient blue, plus the cross star shape, it will Make your eyes more lovely.

This radioactive color lens has a transitional color in the center, which is blue like jewelry, and there is still some fog on the surface, even so it is very cute. The light blue eye can give you a fresh feeling.

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