How can one pair of Colored Contact Lenses enlarge and brighten our eyes?

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Before we try to wear colored contact lenses, I guess most of us do not believe that the colored contact lenses can help us in eyes makeup, and many of us even think the colored contact lenses will be harmful to our eyes for we all know they have pigments layer. But after we try them at the first time, many girls will fall in love with them.

As the development of science and technology, the producing technology and material of colored contact lenses have been improved much, the harm of the lenses to the eyes has been almost deceased. So if we are careful during wear them, and clean and keep the lenses in correct way, we will not be hurted by them in most time. And we will be benefited from them in many prospects.

Firstly, Our eyes will look enlarged, for their special material, they will stick to our pupil, the outside of the lenses looks very clear, then our eyes will looks enlarged. And also the lines, pigments, or other textures of the lenses, will change the outlook size of our eyes.

Secondly, the special pigments layer of the lenses will change the outlook colors of the eyes, the pigments are embedded in the most inner part of the lenses, they will not hurt our eyes, while they will let our eyes look as the colors we want. Thus, they will let our eyes look more shining or brighter in most cases.

Finnally, if we care and clean the lenses in correct way, we soak the lenses in the care solution before putting them on eyes, the yearly lenses can be used for long time. If we have many different colors of lenses, then we can choose the outlooks colors of our eyes every day.

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