Many people like simple contact lenses

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The radial light blue color lens has a transitional color in the center, which can bring you a completely fresh feeling. The embedded process allows the pigment to adhere to the pupil of the eye, so that it will not make your eyes stick to the pigment. The eye contacts blue embedded coloring process-prevent the pigment from adhering to the cornea. The pigment will not directly contact the cornea. Please feel free to use it. The UV protection function protects the health of the pupils and effectively isolates the UV rays that cause cataracts and other eye diseases, providing more protection for your eyes.

From the color radial light eye contact is pure light gray filled with sentiment. However, the crystalline color is more prominent than gray. The grey lenses can always make people intoxicated. The filled paste can be more connotative than pure gray.

Mid-priced sweet pink lenses, the cost is very low. This sweet pink can also bring you a cold mystery, this is pink colored contacts.

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