Normal contact lenses are also good

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This kind of light brown is very natural, and it will feel very comfortable to wear light brown lenses. It adds some radioactive white on the basis of pure brown. This kind of cosmetic contact lenses is very suitable for daily wear. If you are originally brown cosmetic lenses, Wearing this cosmetic contact lens will enlarge your eyes.

The charm of pure color contact lenses is different from that of mixed colors. Pure color contacts belong to the top color trend of color contact lenses. Its radial light spot is smaller than the radial light series, and its texture is soft. Vesta gray has a popular size. The Vesta series can make you look more natural.

The last is the charms series. It is a pattern lined with lining, dark and terrifying. Looking at the center of the beauty contact lens, it looks like a sun pattern, just like a fairy tale. The 6 colors of this series represent different emotions. , You can choose the one that suits you. ,

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