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The center of the radial light blue colored lens has a transitional color, such as blue eye contacts. Wearing it can give you a brand new feeling. The pigment will not directly touch the cornea, and the stains in the air are not easy to adhere.

In addition to these light-colored lenses, we also have the cutest cute contacts, their pupil colors are like candy. There are more than 20 styles for you to choose from, and each cosmetic contact lens has its own style. You will definitely like one or several of them.

This pure white contacts will look very weird. It is strongly recommended to use it on Halloween and other holidays. You can wear it to play as a zombie. This is a cosmetic contact lens that has been cursed by the devil, so you may be cursed if you use it. Of course, this is a joke. In short, you will have a lot of fun wearing this cosmetic contact lens.

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