Radial color and radial charm

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The center of the radial light blue colored lens has a transitional color. This is the characteristic of eye contacts blue, just like pearl blue, giving you a brand new feeling. Wearing it will make you feel cool. These radial colors have a very cool appearance, so when you wear them, you can also attract some people to pay attention to yourself.

The same is true for grey lenses. Their type is full of sentiment. This type of cosmetic contact lenses adds a lot of crystalline colors on the basis of gray, and this crystalline color will appear more prominent, and has a creamy shape, which adds a three-dimensional effect.

Although this pink colored contacts is not as three-dimensional as radial color contact lenses, it still has its own characteristics. It wears a natural cold feeling and can be used by everyone. The most important thing is that it is in the middle price range, so it is worth a test

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