Radial Colored Contacts

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This thing is a cosmetic contact lens. Quality and comfort must coexist. Whether the color matches your own taste is very important, because it can directly affect your mood. Comfort is also very important. This green and grey eyes is a radial green color. Derived from blue and gray, make the lens as usual. Elegant without exaggeration, it can also keep your eyes moisturized.

The center of the same radial light blue colored contacts also has a transitional color. The embedded coloring process prevents the pigment from adhering to the cornea. The pigment will not directly contact the cornea. The ultraviolet protection function protects the health of the pupil and effectively isolates the ultraviolet rays that cause cataracts and other eye diseases. Provide more protection for your eyes.

Several Halloween special cosmetic contacts were proposed a few times ago. This time there is still a black eye contacts, which is deep black, mysterious and dark. The flat and wide circle enlarges the eyes. You will like it on Halloween.


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