Simple color contact lenses

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The light yellow inner ring in grey colored contact lenses brings you more sweetness and freshness, gradually destroying the linear color, adding some fashion effects to it, perfectly connected with the eyeball, just like your own eyes. We always insist on providing you with beautiful and comfortable color contacts.

This reptile contacts is designed for acting. Scary and terrifying, mysterious and terrifying. And our smooth edge design will be more comfortable. Although these pupils look very scary, they will not allow stains to stick to the surface of your eyes. You can wear this exaggerated cosmetic contact lenses and play with your friends.

The flat and wide circle enlarges the eyes. The black color lenses are the best choice for people in the field of COS and SFX, and are strongly recommended for use during Christmas and other festivals. It has a strong UV protection function-protects pupil health, effectively isolates UV rays that cause cataracts and other eye diseases, and provides more protection for your eyes.

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