Spring Elf makeup with Spring Style Color Contacts!

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Spring color makeup is always finished with the spring color cosmetics for the outstanding makeup artist!  Here is the Spring Elf makeup look from this talented artist @golden_hair_doll(from instagram). She use the natural grey contacts-Hera Green Grey Colored Contact Lenses from SPSeye. We can see the natural green and grey mixed color shades on her eyes, and the light blue edge ring lines of the lenses.

What's more amazing, she also used bright green eyeshadows and green color lipsticks, and the green leaves head band to matched all of them together, then she made this stunning spring elf look!

Next, here is her Spring deer elf look with the pink and purple colors makeup! Buckhorn, pink flower,green leaves, pink eyebrow, light purple shadow and lips, pink hair,and the pink backgroud, all of these were combined togethe by her. The pink color is one of the most sweet color, the light purple color always has bright and mystery power in makeup. All of them bring the super sweet and bright and fresh power to her beauty! What's more, her pink eyes add the crowning touch to this whole of look of her. 


The pink lenses she picked are Mousse Pink color contacts from SPSeye. This is one of the most sweet colored contacts from spseye!Pink lenses can be used in daily life, party, cocktail, prom, wedding and many other occasions. And it can be matched with natural daily makeup, vibrant colors makeup, horrible art makeup, anime cosplay, Halloween makeup, and so on. It will enhance improve the overall beauty of the face, then let us be the beauty queen in the crowds.


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