Teach you how to distinguish fake contacts

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The juno brown colored lens has a yellowish brown shade. They add luster to charm. The gray edges define your eyes and make them brighter. This is an embedded process to prevent the pigment from attaching to the cornea so that the pigment does not attach to the cornea.

SPSeye Juno棕色彩色隐形眼镜
For many colored contact lens enthusiasts, they may encounter the same problem, that is, after you order the contact lens from an online optical shop, the colored contact lens looks very fake on their eyes. To avoid this kind of problem, you can click on colored contacts fake to see more ways to avoid fake contacts.

The most explosive white contact is this net-like white contact. No matter who wears this contact, the effective appearance will make people feel cool. But they will make the eyes almost invisible. For special occasions, this white colored contact is very suitable.

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