The moisture content of Rainbow Contact Lenses should be moderate

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There was no concept of cosmetic contact lenses before, only contact lenses. The concept of cosmetic contact lenses was gradually formed. The molding process of colored contact lenses is more complicated than ordinary contact lenses. Although the technology has been stable for more than ten years, it is still Choose a trusted brand to avoid damage to the fragile eyes. In addition to bright and shiny colors, rainbow contact lenses also have a magnifying effect on the pupils, making you more beautiful.

For the comfort of cosmetic contact lenses, water content is an important indicator. Many people think that the higher the water content, the more comfortable it will be. In fact, they are not. Contact lenses are exposed to the air on one side, while the other side is absorbed in our eyes. After the moisture in the lens in the air evaporates, in order to maintain the original moisture content, the lens will absorb tears from our eyeballs to replenish it. The water content of rainbow eye contacts is 30-40%, which is relatively safe, and you can use it with confidence.

Westerners have blue pupils. Most of them have white skin and three-dimensional facial features. Therefore, if Asians want to wear blue cosmetic contact lenses, they must be similar to them to achieve better results. Therefore, crystal blue contacts are still more suitable for Westerners, but it does not deny Easterners, but Westerners are more suitable, and the deep blue will make people feel cooler in this hot summer.

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