The shock of Green Color Contact Lenses

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Black represents the mysterious color of the East. The oily black eyes seem to tell an indescribable deepness. These black eye lenses are flat and wide, which can dilate the pupils of the eyes. The smooth surface will not harm your eyes. , Westerners are suitable to wear it cos, and in addition to cos, Orientals are also suitable to wear it for travel in daily life.

Ordinary green represents nature, and if the color contact lenses worn on the body are green, it will be extremely monotonous. This grey and green eyes is a fusion of green and grey. The embedded coloring process does not directly touch the cornea. And the green mist is very shocking, but not very exaggerated.

  Light green contacts will not be as extreme as dark colored lenses, but they also have their own beauty. If you have green eyes, wearing them will make your eyes more extreme.

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