This is a deep black cosmetic contact lens

Posted by han yang on

This is a flat and wide black color contact lens. It is strongly recommended to use it on Halloween and other holidays. It uses an embedded coloring process so that you don't have to worry about the pigment coming into contact with your eyes. You can use it with confidence, it can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays. The black color contacts can guarantee you the best decoration for Halloween.

We see very few people wearing large cosmetic contact lenses, because large cosmetic contact lenses are generally exaggerated, so the most suitable colors for large cosmetic contact lenses are only black and white, so we have a colored sclera, which has both black and white. The color is very weird when wearing it.

The two colors of yellow and green are always so beautiful together, you can feel it glowing at a glance, because it has a brightening effect, The yellow green contacts will not let you down.

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