Various effects of Cosmetic Contact Lenses

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In the elegant East, most people’s eyes are black. Colored contacts black is the main cosmetic contact lens. If you have black eyes, wearing this cosmetic contact lens can enlarge your eyes. There is almost no coloring design of the transparent outer ring, and the enlargement effect is excellent. It is not the kind of black lacquer, but the transparent and smart black. It can also have a good sense of beauty.

Star contact lenses can always match cuteness. Doji blue contact lenses have the cutest pattern and the brightest color. With two gradient colors, the star shape inside can make you extremely cute, and the smooth curvature of the surface will make you feel comfortable.

It has a characteristic light blue, belonging to this light blue eye. The radial light blue color lens has a transitional color in the middle. This kind of cosmetic contact lenses will not look monotonous. The radial pearl color inside gives you a fresh feeling.

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