Weird white recommendation and identification of fake contacts

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For many cosmetic contact enthusiasts, the last thing they encounter is the fake cosmetic contact lenses, because the fake cosmetic contact lenses may cause great damage to the surface of the eye. It is very simple to distinguish fake cosmetic contact lenses, you just need to enter Go to colored contacts fake, you will understand how to distinguish true and false contacts.

We have the most explosive white colored contact. Wearing it will make your appearance cool. Although it is cool, it will also make you almost invisible. And this cosmetic contact lens can effectively prevent stains from adhering to your eyes. Above, if only used for role-playing, this cosmetic contact lens is still very suitable for you.

The juno brown has a brownish-yellow shade, they can add more brilliance to the charm, if you wear this cosmetic contact lenses, no matter which angle you look at your eyes, others will think your eyes are beautiful.

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