Which one-Rainbow Shadow Blending OR Rainbow Color Contacts?

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Rainbow is always representative for hope, and it is always the sign for next sunny days. Thus, rainbow color can always make us felt happy and full of hope! When we wear this color, like rainbow color coat, rainbow color dress, rainbow color facial makeup, rainbow color eye makeup, we are always expressing our strong love for life and hope!

Just like this makeup pictorial (@madelemakeup), she put most representative colors of rainbow on her face, shining red, pink, yellow and blue color are blending flawless by her. This look brighten my day when I see this. Even she just wear our Pearly Tears Pink Colored Contact Lenses, this shining color contacts is still matched with her rainbow face perfect and brightly! We can not say this is not a too vibrant color choice makeup, but we can not deny that this look is really amazing and she made such a great makeup work!

Rainbow facial makeup may just show the vibrant and strong color contrast, but rainbow eyes makeup is definitely amazing and relatively more natural and elegant than the rainbow color face!

Rainbow color contacts can give very sweet feeling to the eyes for its candy color contacts type. And it will not change the natural style if matched with natural makeup, in return, it will enhance and send more shining feeling to the whole beauty of the makeup!

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