White contact lenses can act as ghosts, while light brown is just the opposite

Posted by han yang on

This kind of light brown colored contacts is even too natural. Therefore, this is amazing, but not exaggerated. And its comfort is absolutely comparable to silicone hydrogel. If you feel embarrassed about suddenly wearing light-colored contact lenses, you can choose the radial light source category.

The most explosive white color contacts are the mesh white contacts. No matter who wears this contact, the effective appearance will make people feel cool. But they make it almost impossible to see things. If only used for pictures or role-playing or other special occasions, this mesh white contact is the best choice!

The light green eye-grey colored lens, its color is derived from blue and gray, making the lens in place. It is amazing to wear small diameter clothes, but it is not exaggerated. Moist and comfortable!

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