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The radial light blue colored lens has transitional colors in the middle, such as pearl blue, which gives you a completely fresh feeling. Embedded coloring process-prevent pigments from adhering to the cornea, the eye contacts blue can effectively isolate the ultraviolet rays that cause cataracts and other eye diseases. Proteins and other stains are not easy to adhere to, so that your eyes will remain moist all day.

From the color radial to the light eye contact, pure light gray is filled with sentiment. The crystal color is more prominent than gray, and it has the same creaminess, but its crystal color is more attractive and makes people like it more. The grey lenses are just like snowflakes.

Mid-priced sweet pink lenses, it is pink colored contacts, SPSeye ice cream pink lenses bring you a beautiful cold mystery. Because the cost is relatively low, it is very suitable to try.

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