Rechargeable Lighter Candle Lighter Electric Lighter USB Grill Lighter

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USB rechargeable electric lighter, 360°long flexible neck is perfect for lighting candles, fireworks, camping, fireplace, BBQ, grill and gas hob.
Wind and Splash Proof Lighter
  • With pulse windproof design, this candle lighter works well even in strong winds and wet weather.
  • Suitable for different harsh environments, like a plateau, mountain, jungle adventure, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.
Long Lighter for Candles
  • The electric lighter has an 11 cm (3.7 inches) long flexible stainless steel hose so that you light from any angle.
  • This design makes you light the candle in the bottles easily, never burn your fingers as easily as normal lighters.
Light up fairy stick
Light up birthday cake candles
Light up stove
  • NOTE
  1. Do not touch the ark ignition when is on.
  2. Please put the lighters out of the reach of children and lock it after use.
  3. Do not place the arc lighter into water or other liquids, or it would cause short circuit.
  4. This lighter should take away from flame and temperature above 60℃