SPSeye Affiliate

Affiliate Registration Link:


Affiliate Login Link:


1) Affiliate Commission & Payment:

Commission 10%: The affiliate partner will get 10% commission of the sale of one entire order brought by his or her affiliate link;

Payment will be paid through paypal (so please try to use your paypal email to register and set the method of receiving payment at the payment settings after you login to your affiliate page)

2) Affiliate Creating Methods/Procedures:

There are 2 methods to create affiliate links:one is created by SPSeye worker; the affiliate can contact spseye to ask the worker to create the link (send the email used to register to the worker); the another one is created by the affiliate. Then the followed are the procedures for the affiliate to create the link by her or himself:

Step1: Open the registration link, input your name, email address and password then click the "Creat Account" button; or do not input anything in this page, just click the under button "sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Facebook"

Step 2: After create the account or sign in, you will be switched into the home page of your affiliate or you can login your account on the login page ; Please remember to verify your email and copy your affiliate link to share it on your social media pages;

Step 3: Products(if you want to promote specific product link can handle this; if not just skip this) : Copy the product or collection link you want to promote from spseye.com and paste it to the left form, then click the right "copy" button to copy the affiliate link to share it on your social medias; and if you have a coupon code or want to have one, please also share it or contact us to ask for one;

Step4: Settings:  You can customize to input your Name, website/blog link, instagram link or twitter link,and your referral code, and click"setup" button of the payment settings ; then choose the "paypal" payment method and input your paypal email; finally click "save" button to save your settings.

Step5: After finish the settings, you can check you payments and sales when you are free in future. And the payment of one month will be paid to the affiliates usually at the early of the next month; or the affiliate can ask for the money immediately when one order come in through the affiliate link.


3) Affiliate Goal:  

To create win-win program for SPSeye and our fans and friends, we set up this affiliate program. In one side, it will promote our lenses sales and help to promote our brand reputations. In another side, it will also give more offers to our customers, fans, and affiliates. 

4)Affiliate Rules: 

Our affiliate program is open for public. Anyone who support SPSeye brand, or just want to earn money, or just want to get some free lenses to try, can have a try without hesitation. 

But there are also some privileges. We may accept the affiliates who have relative many social media pages to promote, and have a lot of followers, great blog influence and interactions firstly.