Methods of Cleaning and Wearing Contact Lenses

CLEAN lenses after open the package:

step 1:After open the package, please use fingers to take the lenses out then put them in the lenses case(one lens in one case), then pour some care solution into the case;

step 2:Then soak the lenses for about 4-24hours;

step 3: Hold the lens in one of your palm, then pour some care solution on the surface of the lens, finally use one finger of another hand to rub it lightly.

WEAR lenses after clean them:

step 1: After clean the lenses, please use the tweezer(small tool come with the cases) to take the lenses out from the case, next put the lense on one of your finger or on the toe of the small stick tool; 

step 2: Then use the fingers of another hand to open your eye, put the lens on your eye

step 3: Finnally rotate your eyeball to make sure of it fully fit to the eye.

CARE lenses:

step 1:Before go to bed, please remember to take off the lenses from your eyes, for they may hurt your eyes if you sleep with them;

step 2: Open your eyes with your fingers,then use your fingers or use the tweezer to clamp the lenses out from your eyes lightly. 

step 3: Then put the lenses in the cases with solution,and remember to change the solution in the cases with interval of 1 week.


Tips for choose the colors and prescription:

1. Please choose the lenses colors accroding to the eye color, and know the effective color you want to have at firstly; if your eyes are light color, and you want them looks darker, please do not choose the same lenses color from natural section, for the lenses will not take on obvious effect on your eyes caused by their original natural and light color pigments.

2. As for the prescription, we suggest you to get an eyesight test from your local optometrist at firstly:

1)If your eyesight is good(normal without any problem), please choose the lenses with diopter-0.00;

2)If your eyesight is Myopia, please choose the prescription diopter according to your prescription degree(We have the lenses with prescription from -1.00 to -8.00)

3) If your eyesight is Astigmatic or Hyperopia,and the eyesight degree is very low( lower than 100 degree), you can try to wear our lenses with -0.00 diopter; but if the degree is higher than 100, please do not try any of our colored contact lenses.